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How to get here and there

All the resorts in SihanoukVille provide their guests with a host of transportation opportunities.  Whether you want to take a trip to the islands, or just go downtown to do some touring and shopping.  The non-island resorts here have their own vans or busses that go between the beaches and downtown.

Outside of the resort, there are many of ways of getting around.  The main form of transportation around town is in Tuk Tuks.  These are carts with a roof and cushioned seating holding up to 4 people and pulled by a motorcycle.  Trips around town are usually one or three dollars per person.  You'll also see tourists on bicycles and motorcycles, in Jeeps and cars, and walking everywhere.

Tuk Tuks and cars can be hired by the day or by the trip.  If you're headed out of town on visit, you'll probably want to rent a car, limo or van.  At the resorts, sometimes outside thier gates, you can find the best deals.

Tuk Tuk in SihanoukVille.



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