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SihanoukVille excels in the quality and variety of dining options available.

The resorts all have in-house dining on the beaches, around the pool, and inside the resort.  These restaurants have Seafood, Khmer cuisine, Asian dishes, and a host of Western items on their menus.

Downtown and on the beaches, there are over 400 restaurants.  Seafood, Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai, and foods from about 20 other countries including: Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Laos, German, French, Irish, India, America, and several others.

There's also over 300 bars around town, ranging from beach side bars to Hungarian discos.

dinner at The Golden Rooster Residence

Some suggestions for dining in SihanoukVille:

Treasure Island Seafood is located on it's own beach near Hawaii beach.  They specialize in Hong Kong style seafood and meats.  An ideal sunset over Snake Island.

The Pizza Company - Italian is just outside of downtown. Specializes in Italian wines, pizza's cooked in a wood fired pizza oven, and pasta.  Air-conditioned.

Chner Molop Chrey is a seafood restaurant on Victory Beach. Sit centimeters from the surf.

The Small Hotel downtown ia our favorite Swedish restaurant.

Ku Kai is downtown and serves Japanese meals.  You'll have to ask for directions.

Sokha Beach's restaurants are reserved for their guests, and if you're dining there, you'd be a guest also. The poolside and beach buffets are regular favorites.

The Lemongrass Restaurant at Sokha Beach Resort is right on the rocks of the Ocean.  Stunning views.

Your home country's restaurant.  If you're from out of town (and the country), stop by and speak your own language and try out our versions of your foods.  Currently, we have restaurants with owners from...........

France, Germany, Italy, China, Vietnam, Japan, England, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Thailand, China, Australia, Russia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Estonia, Turkey, Denmark, Canada, America, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Holland, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, China, Lao, India & Korea.


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